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Watch the educational SMART BIKING video…

This BIKING EDUCATIONAL VIDEO includes Biking Basics, Staying Safe, Riding in Groups, Stuff you Need, and Riding all Year Long.

For an ‘upper elementary & up’-aged audience, 25 min long

…and/or the educational SAFE WALKING video.

This WALKING EDUCATIONAL VIDEO covers Pedestrian Basics, Crossing Streets, Intersections & Traffic Lights, Staying Safe.

For a ‘lower elementary & up’-aged audience, 8 minutes long

To Teach:

Access & Copy the Original Slides to Create your Own Presentation

128 illustrated slides that cover Biking Basics, Rules of the Road, Riding in Groups, Accessories You’ll Need and Year-Round Riding Tips.


37 illustrated slides that cover Pedestrian Safety, Crosswalks & Intersection, Traffic Lights and Special Situations.

1) Click on the Slide Set you want
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4.) Consider recording your Presentation as a Video with an App like Screencastify or QuickTime, and adding a soundtrack.
This original, upbeat soundtrack is available to use as background music, or make your own.
5.) To request new images, collaborate, or share your finished presentation, email soniaelkes at gmail.com

Sample Slides

From ‘STREET SMART Palo Alto’
From ‘STREET SMART Palo Alto’
From “STREET SMART San Carlos”
From ‘STREET SMART Palo Alto’
From “STREET SMART Palo Alto”
From “STREET SMART San Carlos”
From ‘STREET SMART San Carlos’

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Gwen S., Marin, CA, Safe Routes Director

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I’ve been doing bicycle education for a long time, and loving LEGO even longer. You have done an AMAZING job with the LEGO Bike Ed Presentation.”

Jason S., San Francisco, CA, Bicycle Skills Educator

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“Delightful, well-crafted and informative!”

Kenny M., UK, Music Manager for ‘The Proclaimers’ (of “I would walk 500 miles…” song fame)

Who is Using STREET SMART: Bikes & Bricks in Their Community?

Palo Alto, CA

No other city in the San Francisco Bay Area has the kind of ‘Walk & Roll to School’ participation numbers that Palo Alto does, thanks to nearly 50 years of focus on prioritizing safe biking and walking infrastructure in the community and in-person bike education through schools. So when Spring of 2020 brought pandemic conditions and distance learning to Palo Alto schools, it wasn’t clear how the tradition of annual, in-person bike & pedestrian safety education would be carried on.

Fortunately, Palo Alto School District’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator Rosie Mesterhazy saw this LEGO®-inspired bike/safety presentation floating around on social media, realized its potential and graciously volunteered to help bring it up to Palo Alto’s rigorous bike/ped education standards. With the benefit of Rosie’s experience and expertise, the presentation was transformed into the more organized, effective and efficient version of itself it is today. Palo Alto’s version of this presentation, ‘STREET SMART Palo Alto’ is viewable at:  https://www.cityofpaloalto.org/civicax/filebank/documents/78139.

San Carlos, CA

Despite a mild climate and some very flat sections, many San Carlos students face challenges when it comes to biking and walking to school, between steep hills, narrow streets, limited city bus lines and missing sidewalks.

Fortunately, the San Carlos School District’s Safe Routes to School program is dedicated to safe routes for students and works proactively with school administrators, parents, teachers, city officials and staff to advocate for safer and better biking & walking routes to schools.

The “STREET SMART San Carlos” version of this “Bikes & Bricks’ presentation for San Carlos School District’s Safe Routes to School Program will be available at: https://www.scsdk8.org/apps/pages/Transportation.